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Shattered Earth Adventurer's League : Fire and Ice

November 09, 2010

Zhenette focused her will and channeled her magic into the bit of stone in her hand. Magic flowed from the ether, through her crsystal-bound rune.  She shaped it with her intent and words, and then, just shy of triggering it, placed it in the stone.  She handed it to Lyp. “Now remember, it’s a touch spell, so..”

“Yeah, yeah,” the halfling said. “Just hand it to me.

Zhenette looked up at Ormond, who was changing a fire-protection spell, his hand on Lyp’s shoulder.  He released the spell and shrugged, giving Zhenette a half-smile.  “Next wave is incoming,” he said.  Magrite, the Dark elf sorceress who was working with them finished her own magic stone.

Lyp took it and dashed off to the traps they’d set.  The door at the other end of the small cavern shuddered as the magma monsters on the other side pounded on them.  Magrite picked up a new stone and began the chant again.  This would be the last one she could make before the fight would finish.

“Too bad these are so localized,” Ormond said.  “I could go for an ice version of burning hands.”

“You and me both,” Zhentte said.  “There used to be a spell that  sent out ice like dragon’s breath in front of the mage.  That would be perfect for this.”  To bad it had been lost, like so much else in the Shattering.

Magrite finished her spell, and Zhenette picked up the final stone of her own. The door visibly flexed, and started to catch on fire.  Lyp inserted the stones into the traps she’d built, and tumbled away, back to them. “I didn’t even know stone could catch fire,” Lyp said, her eyes wild with adrenaline.  Zhenette handed her the completed stone, and she bound off for the final two traps.

Ormond helped the two casters up, and they pulled out their weapons.  As Lyp placed the final stone, the door gave way, and two large flying monsters of stone and fire stepped through.  As they moved in the first two traps went off, releasing a burst of cold air on the monster, enough to freeze the water vapor around them.  They cried out, cooled off, but not put out.

A third monster, some sort of rock lizard stepped behind them, and let out  a gush of fire.  Lyp bound away just in time, and joined her friends, and the flying things seemed to glow with healthy warmth.

“I guess four wasn’t enough,” Zhen said, grasping her staff.

“I guess not,” Ormand said, he began to cast a spell of fire protection on the group.

The second traps went off, almost killing the two flying mephits.  Lyp let fly two daggers, knocking them down before the lizard could breath fire again.

“Lyp, can you tumble behind him?” Ormand pulled out his mace.  “I’ll try to keep his attention while you hit him with spells.  Zhenette and Magrite readied their ice spells, and nodded.

“This is so much more fun than farm duty,” Lyp said, bounding behind the fire lizard.