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Shattered Earth Adventurer's League : Family

November 08, 2010

Foster stood leaning against the stone retaining wall.  Keelie stood on top of it, which put her head about even with Fosters.  She looked at him and laughed.  “Grass in your mouth and hat and everything. You really fit in here.”

“It’s home,” Foster said. “When I’m done I’m going to head back the family ranch and help run it.”

“Your family seemed nice enough,” she said. “Mixed household seems to work for you.”

“It’s all I’ve ever known,” Foster said. “Your family not so great?”

“Oh, they’re fine. It’s just that Dad married someone new — a dark elf a third his age. It’s weird.”

“Elves live a long time,” Foster said.

“Not as long as gnomes, Foster. She could be my little sister, and I’m only 75.”

Foster raised his eyebrows. “I didn’t know. I guess it’s not so strange to be attracted to someone of a very different age.”

Keelie looked at him, and arched her eyebrow. “Glad you didn’t say old. My grandmother was alive for the Shattering, She used to tell us about it when we were kids.  Now I think only the dragon remembers.”

“I’d love to hear those stories sometime,” Foster said.

“It’s a date.” Keelie looked out in the fields, the horses were returning from their daily run. “About time to get to work,” she said, hopping down from the fence.

Not that the work was hard. There had been one guy from that caster’s guild who muttered something about funding and water, but they’d sent him on his way, and warned the other ranch hands about him.  The horses came into the corall, and settled down for the night

“So,” Keelie said. “The ranch send you into the League?”

“Yeah,” Foster said. “Took us a while to save, but it means less ties when I’m out? You?”

“Minos Mercenary Guild. Better than being a miner, anyway.”

“Why do you need a Mercenary Guild?”

“Because we don’t always have the Adventurer’s League around to fight off magma monsters,” she said.

“So the real reason you came with me was —”

“—so I wouldn’t have to do the same ol’ same ol’.” She grinned at him.  “I get so tired of fighting fire and rock elementals, and magma mephits.  Plus, here I can have a quiet bite to eat and drink.”

“So you’re saying the rest of our team is not having such a restful time?”

“Not at all,” Keelie chuckled. “Not at all.”

Note:  These Adventurer’s Leauge posts are some idea of what sorts of things we might be doing near the beginning of our adventure, if you’d like to join us. We are still looking for a Few Good Adventurers.