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Shattered Earth Adventurer's League: Delivery In Thirty Minutes or Less

November 04, 2010

The Edge Bar and Grill wasn’t technically on the edge, as it was inside the safety fence. Adventurer’s League Silverwings Troop was on the outside of that fence, looking down.

“I don’t like this,” Foster said. The ranger scuffed his boot against the side, knocking a stone down in to the abyss beyond.

“I thought you liked wide open spaces,” the wizard Zhen said. “I thought you’d be used to this, growing up on Coyn.

He looked back at Haven City which sprawled out behind him on the head of the Scepter. He let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding — the city wasn’t much better, but at least there was ground. “I like the ground,” he said. “And growing things. I always stayed away from the edge and the hole there, too. Even so, what we’re doing is insane.”

Keely walked up, carring a huge box, that was easily three times her size. “Gotta feed the dragon,” she said. “Plus, it sounds like fun.” She grinned at Lyp who was making sure the ropes were ready and felt strong.

“I’d feel better if we could check the ties,” Ormond said.

“Owlbear troop is checking that,” Zhen said. “They’ve got our back.”

“They better,” Foster said. “Now go over this for me again.”

Zhen chuckled. “We put on these rope harnesses. We throw the box and jump off at the same time.”

“And then we fall, really fast into oblivion,” Keelie said. Foster blanched a bit.

“We fall down to the gravity line, sure. and then we start rising, and the gravity slows us down. The ropes are tied at the center of the Scepter, and so they pull us back in as we slow down.”

“That’s when we shout ‘wheeee’ and you shout ‘oh shit,’” Lyp said.

Zhen coughed, and arched her eyebrow at her short companions. “By the time we’re stopped, we’ll be in reach of the pommel, near the Dragon’s spire. Then we do our business.”

“We make sure Petracalifax’s box lands safely, and the nice ancient dragon is happy,” Foster recited, as he checked his harness. “We pass along our requests, and she does the same.”

“Then she tosses us back,” Ormond said morosely. His shield was strapped carefully to his back, and his weapons secured.

“Whole thing shouldn’t take more than half an hour,” Zhen said. “Barring accidents.”

“Just be ready with that healing spell,” Foster said. The cleric nodded once, his expression grim.

“Okay, time for that jump,” Lyp said. Keelie tossed the box over and Lyp jumped on it as it fell.

“You coming?” Keelie asked as she jumped too. “Got to take the dragon her din-din.”

Note:  These Adventurer’s Leauge posts are some idea of what sorts of things we might be doing near the beginning of our adventure, if you’d like to join us. We are still looking for a Few Good Adventurers.