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Shattered Earth Adventurer's League: Briefing

November 05, 2010

Commander Bess Nightingale addressed the Silverwings. “We’ve got a couple of assignments for you to pick from. Normal rewards apply.”

The Silverwings settled in, their goal was to complete as many missions as possible, and pay back their debts so they could be full Citizens sooner, or at least make a little money out of this Adventuring thing. There were stories about some Citizens who never had to work again once they were done, and others who just barely made their time.

“The first is an easy mission, the Druids Alistair and Nessa need someone to watch over them while they join the Horse Herd in Coyn.”

“They’re doing what?” Ormond asked.

“Joining the Horse Herd,” the commander said. “That’s what it says right here, and all you or anyone else needs to know.”

“What do they need from us?” Foster asked. The half elf ranger was always interested in going to Coyn; if nothing else there were trees there.

“Guard duty mostly, not that they can’t handle themselves,” Commander Nightingale said. “It’s a bit hush-hush.”

Zhen looked away from the commander and caught Lyp’s eye. She arched her eyebrow at the halfling, who returned a half-smirk. “The other job?” Ormond asked.

“Fighting magma monsters in Minos,” she said. “There’s a dark elf sorceress, named Finistra, who has some ideas about using cold spells in traps, and needs some magical and stealthy advice.”

“That sound interesting,” Lyp said. “How much fighting in that?”

“Only a little,” Commander Nightingale replied. “It wouldn’t take all of you, if that’s what you mean.”

“Lyp and I would be up for that one,” Zhen said.

“Ormond, why don’t you go with them,” Foster said. “The druids will have their own healing. I’d like to go to Coyn, see my folks.”

“I’ll join you,” Keelie said. “So I don’t have to see mine.”

The group nodded, this would work. Splitting up would get things done faster, with more return. Pluse, it sounded easy.

“Okay,” Commander Nightingale said. “Form up in the portal room in half an hour.”

Note:  These Adventurer’s Leauge posts are some idea of what sorts of things we might be doing near the beginning of our adventure, if you’d like to join us. We are still looking for a Few Good Adventurers.