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President's Day

February 15, 2010

Well, I’d normally talk about my weekend gaming, but my weekend isn’t over yet, thank to some of the more famous American presidents having birthdays near each other.  Or something like that.

I did pick up both Bayonetta and inFamous at the GBox this week, and have spent a fair amount of time this weekend playing both of them.  It’s getting to where one of the pieces will be more than a first impression, but I’ll have both of those this week.  Also: the next bit of Chelon’s diary on Friday.

Girl and I started watching Enterprise this weekend — neither of us had ever watched it, despite having seen most of the other Star Trek canon. Trek started losing me in the Voyager/DS9 era, and I hadn’t really been back until the Abrams’ reboot.  One could argue that Enterprise is the only bit of canon that remains after that movie.  Although the MMO takes place in the original continuity, after the destruction of Romulus (or so I’ve heard).

I’m seeing more CSS issues on the site, not sure how I missed them, so I need to prioritize fixing them.  I’ve also got only a couple more weeks to prep for the Klik-n-Play thing, and I didn’t get much work done on that last weekend, although I’ve been looking at a jQuery based game engine called gameQuery.

It looks like it mainly deals with sprite classes and does animation.  He also chose to move things using CSS positioning, and I have to admit my own experiements show that Canvas drawing, while cool, is too slow, particularly on handhelds.

I’m thinking of extending his work, however, and adding a map class that should work with my game ideas.  Also, I need sprites that I can use, since drawing isn’t really my forte.  I may just make some basic stick figures and use them over and over.

Anyway, that’s the plan for this week, barring emergencies.