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Dresden Files RPG

February 25, 2010

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to run a Dresden Files RPG game at Origins this year.  The games have to be on file with Origins by March 1, and true to form, I’m fleshing it out today.  I spent a bunch of time reading the playtesting manuals, which really peg the humor and tone of the series.  These are going to be some awesome books and a very fun game.

The books are supposedly written by one of the characters, Billy the Werewolf, with margin notes from  Harry Dresden and his talking skull, Bob.  If anything, I’m having trouble focusing on the text, because the margin notes are so entertaining.  They’re perfect for the three characters, as established by Jim Butcher, and the whole thing is well done.  I’m going to be preordering them when that starts in April, and Evil Hat, Inc, the company doing the game, will be offering a PDF along with a hardcover preorder.

So I’ll have a real PDF right away, and can pick my books up at Origins.  Last year, I picked up their Spirit of the Century game, and their insomniac horror game, Don’t Rest Your Head. We haven’t gamed regularly in the past year or two, so I’ve not had the chance to play them, but maybe we’ll fix that eventually.

I am putting together a con module for DFRPG, and plan to run it for my friends (read: suckers) at PAX East.  Origins isn’t until mid-summer, so that’ll give me a chance to refine things a bit.   As it is, I’m enjoying reading the stats and writeups of the various characters and monsters.  The system (FATE 3.0) is pretty geared to storytelling, with the characters attributes being pretty much whatever they want them to be.  These Aspects describe the character, and give them situational bonuses (as well as weaknesses — the best ones do both).

For instance, the titular character, Harry Dresden, has the aspect “Epic Wiseass.”

I want to grow up to be him.