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Basic Update

November 16, 2010

It seems whenever I do these post-a-day commitments, there’s always a day that I can’t make it. Part of that is that I have a huge essay that’s easily 3 times as long as a typical day’s post here (or where I try to keep it, anyway).  Part of it is that my work has moments of quiet, and moments of intense activity and today is one of the latter days.

I always feel better about the intense days than the quiet ones, even though it doesn’t give me the space to write like I’d like. I could post my monster essay today, but I want to sit on it another night, and make sure I’m sure.  It’s not games writing, so I’m more nervous about it.

I also want to write a short commentary on Enslaved, which I played about halfway through on Sunday. And I need to talk a bit more about Aspects.  That’s coming for the rest of the week, but today I’m tapped out.