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A quick bit of Diablo III dialog

May 21, 2012

When you get the Scoundrel as an ally, the game has forced you to have Leah with you as well.  The entire time the Scoundrel flirts with her in a way that’s obviously not wanted by Leah.  I quickly dumped him, and took the Templar back, but then I got this:

Templar:  I do not like the way he treats Leah!

PC(Female Wizard): He can’t help himself.

I can, somewhat, accept a character who is a scoundrel, who treats women badly.  But this however was jarring.  First, the obvious, where my character is made to excuse the Scoundrel’s remarks with, essentially, “Boys will be boys.”  The other for me, was the way it was voice acted, and the surrounding context that the Templar must by right of his White Knighthood protect Leah from this scoundrel.  (Never minding, of course, that Leah seems perfectly capable of taking care of herself.)

Sure, not all of the comments are problematic, and the game is delightfully fun. (And I’m aware you can like problematic things), but this in particular bothered me.  Last night I got to the Enchantress, and the Templar started going all bubbly on her.  I quit soon after because I was exhausted (and mainly just trying to fix my latency issues).  I’m a bit concerned about what happens next.

[I also want to play as a non-wizard and a non-female to see how these conversations play out, if it’s any different.]